Tilda Rice

Embrace a life full of flavour

Tilda was founded in London back in the early 1970s and has become a global iconic brand since then with presence in more than 50 countries now. Our company’s name is a combination of the founder’s daughters Tila and Daksha. We introduced Pure Basmati rice in large bags to rice-loving communities from around the world, who were looking for aromatic Basmati they couldn’t find in the UK at the time. Today we offer a wide range of delicious rice and grains products to suit different lifestyles and cooking skills.
Nearly half of the world’s population eat rice as part of their staple diet. Whether it’s Basmati from the Himalayan foothills, Jasmine rice from Thailand, Arborio from the Po Valley or long grain from Northeastern Spain. From paddy to plate, we make sure that we pour all our love and energy into producing the perfect rice. We don’t do anything else. For us it’s all about taste, it’s our north star. This is why we obsess over every grain, every new recipe, and every flavour. We do not produce for anyone else.

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